How to choose the Best Headphone?

If you are wondering how to choose the best headphone, then don't worry, as this article on headphones has covered it all for your convenience. It would be best if you keep certain things in mind, such as the frequency limit of the headphones, size, durability, bass amp, etc.

Moreover, if the headphones or the earphones have a noise cancellation mechanism, then they are the best as what disturbs the most when you enjoy the music is any outside disturbance. Similarly, the first thing you must look for is comfort; if you want to wear it for the long term, look for one with good quality and are highly comfortable.

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The difference between True Wireless and Wireless

Before moving on to the question of which headphone is best wired or wireless, first understand the difference between the two. In wireless headphones, in one way or the other, headphones are wired, but when it comes to true wireless, they are not connected to a wire in any form. Thus, it depends on you which one you prefer.

Sennheiser is one of the best headphone brands you can get your hands on, as they produce good quality headphones within a budget. Most of these headphones have noise cancellation technology and certain other features you must be looking for in a headphone brand.

Three Types of Headphones

MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 

Pros The pros of MOMENTUM True Wireless 3 headphones are as under:
* These headphones offer noise cancellation, meaning you can enjoy the music without any external disturbance.
* The excellent sound quality allows you to enjoy the music to the fullest.
* The IPX4 splash earbuds resist harsh weather conditions, so you need not worry about getting them wet or exposing them to too much sunlight.
* The battery life of the earphones is 7 hours, and they have an overall playtime of 28 hours.
* They come with wireless QI charging support so that you can charge them anywhere, anytime.
* They fit into your ears perfectly, and the voice pick-up is also remarkable.

CX Plus True Wireless

Pros The pros of CX Plus True Wireless headphones are given below:
* These earphones also come with noise-cancellation technology, ensuring no interruption.
* These headphones have customizable touch control, which enhances your experience.
Moreover, they have ear adapters of 4 sizes, which means that they will fit perfectly in your ears, unlike many other wireless earphones.
* The bass boost is adjustable, and what else do you want? Even if it's raining, you need not worry about the bass, as you control it.
* The play time of these headphones is almost 4 hours.
* The transparent hearing mode delivers exceptional sound quality.

MOMENTUM 4 Wireless

Pros The following are the pros of Momentum 4 Wireless:
*The headphones come with noise cancellation technology to make sure that you do not face any disturbance while you are enjoying the music.
*It also has a transparent mode that ensures noise cancellation and a smooth music flow.
*The headphones look stylish and perfect with every dress you wear.
*They are incredibly comfortable, which means you can wear them for hours without discomfort. The cushioned ear pads make the experience comfortable.
*The headphones' battery life is 60 hours, which is quite impressive.
*Another interesting fact about these headphones is that they charge up very quickly, so after just 10 minutes of charging, you can enjoy the music for another 6 hours.
*It also has a smart pause, meaning that the music will automatically stop when you remove them from your ears, and when you put them back, the music will resume on its own.
* The headphones shut down automatically when you are not using them, saving the charging.
* Not only can you enjoy the music, but also the calls with crystal clear sound quality.

MOMENTUM 3 Wireless

Pros The pros of the Momentum 3 wireless headphones are
* Momentum 3 Wireless also comes with an auto on-and-off mechanism, meaning that you need not worry whether you have shut it down or not. Once not in use, they will turn off automatically.
* The noise cancellation technology of these headphones makes them worth buying as they are made using high technology so that outside disturbances won't bother your peacetime.
* It is made of premium quality leather, making it comfortable for prolonged wearing. 
* The design of these headphones is also up to the mark, and these are the headphones that will make you look stylish yet classy.
* It also comes with a three-button interface, making it easy to switch between calls and music. With the press of only one button, you can attend calls and switch to music.

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IE 300

Pros Given under are the pros of IE 300:
* The modified 7mm TrueResponse transducer of these earphones makes them the best as it helps to deliver premium sound with balanced frequency.
* The perfect sound harmony is achieved in these earphones as they come with a chamber within a chamber to maintain the airflow and ensures that not even a single beat or back volume is missed.
* The frequency response of these earphones ranges from 6 Hz to 20,000 Hz.
* The ear hooks of these earphones are adjustable. Moreover, you can also get ear adapters that come with memory foam.

IE 600

Pros Below given are the pros of IE 600:
* The dual two-chamber absorbers (D2CA) of these earphones ensure excellent sound quality with different frequency ranges and ensure that you enjoy the music to the fullest.
* These earphones are durable and won't rust or wither so quickly.
* The bass that these earphones provide is accurate and perfect.
* The ear hooks are also adjustable; you can choose ear tip adapters.
* These earphones also have 7 mm TrueResponse transducers which further make the sound quality up to the mark.

Why People Like Sennheiser

If you are wondering what is the number 1 headphone brand? The answer is that people like Sennheiser, and there are specific reasons behind this love. They manufacture headphones at different prices, varying from cheap to high, which means that there are plenty of options from which you can choose from your budget. Moreover, they also make custom-designed headphones, which appeal to many professionals. Furthermore, the quality of their headphones is impressive as they are durable, adjustable, come with noise cancellation technology, and have a long battery life which everyone wants. People love many other features of Sennheiser that have been described above, making them worth buying.

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