Warranty Period

If you run into any problem, Voonaudio’s warranty service is always here for you. Send the thing back to us and we will fix it for you in no time. 

Voonaudio offers a 1-year warranty coverage for our products (excluding carry cases, ear tips and other accessories). Please send an email to service@voonaudio.com, should you encounter any issues. If you do not receive a reply via email within 3 working days, please contact us via our website or Facebook to check.

Is your device no longer functioning as it should?

We find that most issues can be resolved or isolated by performing simple tests. Before reaching out to the Voonaudio Service Team, it would help expedite the process if you could first attempt the following troubleshooting steps:

1.Turn the device off, unplug the power cable for one minute, plug the power cable back in, and turn the device back on.

2.Try the device using a different set of cables.

3.Try the device with different input or output devices.

4.Follow the device reset instructions in the device’s manual.

If the problem persists, please reach out to the Voonaudio Service Team, and we’ll be happy to help with defective products as below.

Defective Products

Voonaudio Warranty covers any factory defects that might affect the proper functionality of your purchase. It does not cover any man-made damage due to human error, negligence and etcetera (please read the following paragraph for more details). If your product is defective, please follow the instructions:

1.Send an email to service@voonaudio.com with an appropriate Subject Title

2.Provide your order number and state your issue clearly

3.Attach photos and videos to show how your product is faulty

If the photos/videos provided are insufficient to prove the stated issue, we will enquire more. 

Once we have confirmed that your item is defective due to manufacturing issues, we will arrange for a replacement, partial refund or a full refund (where applicable).

We may require you to return the defective unitl to Voonaudio in exchange for a replacement. Please be aware that Voonaudio will not be covering the shipping cost. We will only cover the repair/replacement cost.

*Note: Warranty coverage procedure may vary depending on the product and issue itself. Should you encounter any issues, immediately contact service@voonaudio.com

Incorrect / Missing Item(s) Upon Delivery

In general, upon receiving your parcel, please confirm the contents of the package and ensure that the package is in good condition before signing for it.

All customers are strongly advised to take an unboxing video of their sealed parcel and packaging when opening their parcels and products.

For incorrect/missing items, please send an email to service@voonaudio.com. The following details are required.

1) Send an email to service@voonaudio.com with an appropriate Subject Title.

2) Provide your order number and state the issue clearly.

3) Attach photos and the unboxing video(s) of your sealed parcel and packaging to show that your product is incorrect/missing. Shipping details on the parcel packaging have to be clearly visible.

Once the issue has been confirmed, we will arrange for a replacement or refund (where applicable). For item(s) claimed to be missing in the parcel or sealed product, an unboxing video is required. For incorrect products, Voonaudio will decide whether or not you need to return the wrong item.

 Warranty Not Applicable When:

  • Damage due to user negligence, accidents, dis-assembly, waterlog, misuse, abuse, alterations or vandalism.
  • Products are prize items or from giveaways.
  • Products are not purchased from https://voonaudio.com (i.e. If you had purchased it from AliExpress, crowd-funding campaigns, Amazon, local dealers, etc., please contact the store or distributor directly).
  • Products wear and tear over time, including cosmetic changes such as a change in colour.
  • Users do not follow the “User Guide”, instructions or other additional safety, use, or warnings included in the product materials.
  • Unauthorized modification or commercial use.
  • Unsupervised use of product by children under 18 years of age.
  • Products become faulty due to poor weather conditions or any natural disaster.
  • Products stolen or gone missing.
  • Products that are altered or repaired by anyone not authorized by Voonaudio.
  • Furthermore, Voonaudio is not liable for incidental or consequential damages of any nature resulting from the use of this product and any liability shall not exceed the purchase price of the product. 

Warranty Limited Coverage When:

  • Products are heavily discounted (i.e. 60% or more off retail price) or are review units. 
  • Products have been modified or repaired by people not authorized by Voonaudio.

Limited warranty coverage means that a faulty product with a manufacturing issue may still be repaired, provided that the product purchased is still under the warranty period.

However, buyers would have to cover the shipping fees incurred. Buyers may also have to pay for the repair fees, if the issue is due to other reasons e.g. user mismanagement. For such cases, Voonaudio will normally check with the manufacturers for a quotation of the repair fees beforehand. However, for some cases, the manufacturers may only be able to do so after retrieving and inspecting the faulty unit. Please kindly enquire about this with us. Thank you.