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NF Audio NM2 Dual Magnetic Circuit+Dual Cavity+Electric Adjustable Coil In-Ear Monitoring Earphone

NF Audio NM2 Dual Magnetic Circuit+Dual Cavity+Electric Adjustable Coil In-Ear Monitoring Earphone


  • Professional stage monitor headsets
  • Double Cavity 10mm dynamic driver
  • Oxygen-free copper silver plating wire
  • Attractive packaging
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Real monitoring earphones

  • Fake monitoring earphones develop markets by means of promoting "monitoring" techniques, but do not understand the real needs of monitoring and cannot control the details in music. In the long run, abnormal listening habits will be formed.
  • The real monitoring earphone, from the perspective of music production, pays more attention to the real expression of each instrument and timbre, easier to hear melody and harmony, and cultivating good listening habits.
  • Our advantages: for many years, we have designed and manufactured a large amount of high-end customized monitoring earphones. Lots of high-level music users,  sound recording engineer and musicians help us set the tone of the earphones, so that we have accurate control over the monitoring requirements.

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Real customized design

  • Fake customized design, only the panel retains the customized shape, while the inner cavity cannot fit human ear curve surface, which affects the wearing feeling.
  • Real customized design, with complex ergonomic design, sunken for crus of helix, raised for cymba conchae, is more comfortable to wear, while is not tired to wear for a long time, and better sound insulation effect achieved.
  • Our advantages: with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-end customized earphones, we have a large number of ear model databases, which are specially optimized according to the Asian's ear canal, and truly customized ergonomic design is adopted.

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Acoustic Fidelity

Dual Magnetic Circuit, Dual Cavity, Electric Adjustable Coil Unit, More Dynamic, More Detailed


  • “Real·Customized Design” With Cymba Conchae, More Comfortable to Wear


  • Frosted, Colorful, High Strength Polycarbonate Headphone Shell, Lighter and More Fashionable


  • Gramophone record type packaging design, standard configuration with exquisite storage bag.

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Vocal Art

  • NF Audio MC2L-10 Moving Coil Unit
  • Integrated Tuning Circuit
  • The idea of NA1 tone tuning circuit is widely praised. This time, we directly integrated the tuning circuit into this moving coil unit to make the timbre more accurately, so as to obtain an unprecedented listening experience.
  • Tesla Level Dual Magnetic Circuit
  • Magnetism is the power source of moving coil. MC2L-10 unit adopts double magnetic circuit design. Two high-performance rare earth NdFeB magnets provide more than 1 Tesla of magnetic flux, thus providing greater driving force, higher sensitivity, and better dynamic and transient performance.

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Dual Cavity Design

  • The traditional moving coil unit only has a rear cavity. On this basis, MC2L-10 adds an additional rear cavity, which can control the air pressure more precisely, make the diaphragm move more smoothly, while the sound field is more grand and the sound details are more abundant.

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5u High Polymer Composite Diaphragm

  • Different from the popular high rigid diaphragm in the market, MC2L-10 adopts a kind of light, medium rigidity and good elasticity polymer composite diaphragm from the sound point of view. With the well-designed lines, it can get lower distortion and better performance of music.

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Precisely Designed Acoustic CavityTrusted Professional Tools

  • The design concept of NF Audio NM2 is to provide musicians with timbre and reference value that are infinitely close to studio. The sound trends can refer to the equivalent artificial ear curve under the diffuse field, and increase the low frequency range slightly to adapt to the noisy stage environment. It can be competent for Guitar monitoring, human voice monitoring, recording monitoring and composition monitoring.
  • For the tuning of moving coil earphone, cavity reflection and air pressure balance between the front and rear cavities are the top priority. The carefully designed interior acoustic structure can effectively reduce the redundant reflected sound. 4 groups of air pressure balance damping, can adjust the air pressure balance before and after the cavity, so that to provide more accurate music reference.
  • (Music Score Record, Piano Playing, Performance Show, Composition, Recording, Music Appreciation)

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Sweet-Sounding, Good-Looking

  • Based on years of experience in the manufacture of customized earphones, NF Audio NA2 has both elegant aesthetic appearance and outstanding acoustic performance, also is more comfortable to wear. At the same time, the panel draws lessons from the design language of guitar pick, and conveys the music creation feelings of NF Audio brand in simple and generous ways.

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Responsible for Ears,Responsible for Beauty

  • The sunken for crus of helix, the raised for cymba conchae, the notch between the tragus, the angle of the ear canal, and the big inside and small outside of the inner concha cavity, every tiny detail is for a better listening experience.
  • Each line is exquisite and elegant from any angle for the purpose of more beautiful and comfortable.
  • Each line is exquisite and elegant from any angle for the purpose of more beautiful and comfortable.
  • It is really a masterpiece that you can experience in your life that you have never heard before. Please ready to immerse yourself in the plump 3D sound field.

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Responsible for Comfort

  • The design language, scale and contour of the new NA2 combine the profound skills that NF Audio has accumulated over the years in the field of customized earphones.
  • NA2 has excellent ergonomic design and comfort feelings.
  • Smaller size, higher integration, more comfortable to wear.

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Art of Ingenuity

  • Brilliant Craftsmanship, Hidden Creativity
  • Produced by Engineers with Over 10+ Years’ Experience
  • 300+ Wearing Tests and Adjustment
  • In the era of productive forces, we have become "exotic" artists.
  • Engineers with more than 10 years of experience, sculpture level modeling, more than 300 times of wearing tests, all are for bringing better wearing experiences. Every detail is the place of ingenuity, which also contains excellent taste and infinite possibilities.

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Changeable Cable Design Makes Music More Free

  • With the continuous evolution of earphones, there are always some contradictions among sound, convenience and lifetime.
  • NF Audio earphone adopts 0.78mm 2pin design, which can effectively prolong the life of earphone.
  • With the official accessories of NF Audio, you can freely switch between ordinary mode, balanced mode and Bluetooth mode, and explore the music world deeply.

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Variable Size, Same Sound Quality

  • NA2 is equipped with soft and elastic silicone earplugs in three sizes. Choosing the right silicone earplug to fit your ear shape, so that the NA2 will not cause discomfort in the ear.
  • Female users have smaller ears than men. They can choose small or medium silicone earplugs to match, which is closer to the ear shape and more beautiful. At the same time, the balanced cover and the low-frequency cover have two different timbre, which can be freely selected according to your preference to get better listening feeling.

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25db Passive Noise Reduction

  • Noisy environment, in addition to annoying people, will unconsciously make people turn up the volume and damage their hearing ability. Scientific research shows that only when the music volume is 20 dB higher than the ambient volume, can people hear the details of the music clearly. NA2 provides a passive noise reduction effect of up to 25dB, changing the downtown into a bedroom and making the noise be quiet. Make the place you are in becomes your exclusive stage.

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Round Exquisite Storage Box

  • Beloved earphones need careful care, a beautiful, pressure resistant storage box is essential. NF Audio round storage box, high quality canvas + high strength EVA lining, not only provides excellent feeling, but also gives excellent protection. Only with the attitude of keeping improving, can we create the real excellent products.

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High Quality   6.35mm-3.5mm  Adapter

  • Today, there are still many professional equipment using 6.35mm earphone connector, and the quality of the adapter on the market is mixed. NF Audio has specially developed a high-quality 6.35mm-3.5mm adapter. The surface is anodized with aluminum, and the contact part is plated with gold. It has excellent appearance, handle and plug-in performance. And it is the standard configuration of this earphone.

what's inside the box

  • Earphone*2
  • 0.78mm 2pin 5N
  • cable*1User guide*
  • 1Storage box*1
  • Balanced ear tips(S,M,L)*8
  • Bass ear tips(S,M,L)*6
  • 6.35-3.5 Adapter*1


  • Double cavity dynamic driver ,frequency response range is 10-40kHz.
  • The 0.78mm Re-cable design effectively extends the life of the earphone.
  • NF Audio NM2 provides passive noise reduction up to 25dB.
  • NF Audio has specially developed a 6.35mm-3.5mm adapter with anodized aluminum.
  • Sensitivity: 108dB / mW